MvcOpenID - An OpenID Starter Kit for ASP.NET MVC


MvcOpenID is an OpenID starter kit for ASP.NET MVC. It is first and foremost a learning tool. I've learned a lot about OpenID while developing this and commented the code a lot. Running the application and stepping through the code is the best and probably the fastest way to learn. Apart from it's educational value you can also use it as a starter kit for your ASP.NET MVC based web applications.

Status and future plans

This project has just started so I will be adding more to it. Right now there is only the basic support for OpenID.

In the future I hope to implement:

  • Pop up window for signing in to you OpenID provider.
  • AJAX pop up for signing in to you OpenID provider.
  • Make all versions available for Razor and ASPX view engines.


This project is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0. See the License tab on CodePlex or LICENSE.txt in the source for more info.


At Codeplex:



This project uses (but is not affiliated to):



The source of this projects is located in two places:


To get the source clone to a local repository. You can use either:

  • Git: git clone git://
  • Mercurial (Hg): hg clone


This project was created by me, Goran Gligorin, as a starting point for my projects that employ OpenID as a login system.

If you like this project tell people about it. A backlink to one or more of these locations would also be much appreciated:

Thanks & Recognition

I would like to thank these people:

  • Andrew Arnott: For making DotNetOpenAuth without which this project would not exist. Also thanks to Andrew for helping me with choosing a license on StackOverflow.
  • David Thornley: Also for helping me choose a license on Programmers at StackExchenge.

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